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Uni-packing Heavy-duty Packing Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated packaging company for R&D, production, sales & services, which has been devoted in heavy-duty packaging solutions and services to protect, store and transport product locally and globally for a wide range of industry sectors, from Foodstuffs to Industrial Grease and Non-hazardous liquid chemicals.

Our main products are Integrated bulk liquid paper IBC, heavy-duty paper cartons and paper-wood composite cartons which can replace wooden cartons to lower the cost, be environment friendly and fumigation-free. An empty carton’s load-bearing reaches more than 2 tons, bursting 30-50kgs and cardboard thickness 15mm. Our focus is on providing packaging solutions and products that are effective throughout our customer's total supply chain.

We have our own logistics packing design and testing department, which undertakes the company program designs and testing service to guarantee the quality of an effective control. With our unremitting efforts and strength, we obtained many patents certified by the State Intellectual Property Bureau. We can provide customized, professional, worldwide and complete packing solutions and product services according to our clients’ specific requirements.