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About complete packaging solutions and products (The CPS method optimized design services):

CPS definition:
CPS using system engineering scientific methods for packaging suppliers to provide users a set of system services from packaging advise, design, manufacturing,art, recycling design, transportation, storageto shipping till the product arrived at the destination safely .

CPS's characteristics
A) Integrity
B) Systematic
C) Comprehensive

How can CPS method, the third - party logistics package help customers save resources?
The third-party logistics companies can provide overall packaging solutions and services for the manufacturers, which is possible for the following:
a) To make a significant reduction in packaging and logistics cost to achieve optimal overall system cost.
b) To optimize or shorten the supply chain of manufacturers, so as to reduce management cost.
c) To allow the manufacturers to achieve zero inventory of packaging materials.
d) To enable manufacturers to reduce product breakage in the distribution process.
e) To improve the utilization of pallet and container.
f) To make the product packaging look more perfect.
g) To accelerate the optimization of product packaging solutions.
h) To speed up the degradation of the the product packaging cost.
i) To reduce  the environment burden from  packaging material and to achieve green packaging commitment.
j) To avoid the  trade barriers of green packaging exports from abroad.
k) To transfer the enterprise focus from non-core competitive packaging to core competitive human and material resources,
so as to improve the competitiveness.