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Comparison of heavy-duty paper carton and wooden box
author:http://www.uni-packing.cn date:2016-07-16 browse:173
More and more enterprises prefer heavy-duty paper carton mainly because of it’s several big irreplaceable advantages as below:
1.Compared with wooden box, heavy-duty paper carton is relatively one third cheaper.
2.Heavy-duty paper carton is much lighter than wooden box, which can save transportation and labor cost. At the same time, it’s quicker and easier to pack using tape only.
3.Heavy-duty paper carton can be folded, saving more warehouse space.
4.No need fumigation for export.
5.Generous appearance which improves product value as a saying goes “each packing is a billboard”. Good packaging can improve the attraction of a new product, because the packaging itself can also intrigue the motivation of consumers to purchase the product. In addition, the cost of improving packaging is less than raising the unit price.
6. Protect the environment and save resources. Can be reused.