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PAPER IBC: Breaking The Conventional Liquid Packaging
author:http://www.uni-packing.cn date:2017-12-20 browse:196

Uni-Packing: Breaking The Conventional Liquid Packaging,
                    New Environmental Protection Paper IBC capacity of 1000L

With the promotion of national environmental protection policies and the upward trend of international environmental protection, the heavy-duty packaging industry is facing a tremendous challenge. From the perspective of actual transportation costs, transportation quality and environmental protection, the selection of new environmentally friendly packaging methods is the demand for the current packaging suppliers and suppliers Business common needs.

Traditional liquid packaging several major drawbacks: plastic, iron drum packaging, the weight of the container is heavy ; Large containers, small capacity, high packaging costs, packaging space is small,  led the transport costs keep rising ; At the same time, in the current environmental situation , plastic, iron drum's raw materials aren't meet the environmental requirements ,
the transport sector faces many tests of commodity inspection.

Uni-Packing's liquid IBC, using the new economical and environmentally friendly liquid container - PAPER IBC. PAPER IBC, volume 1000L, instead of the general round drums, plastic buckets, loading capacity increased by 20% , saving Shipping costs more than 20% ,at the same time, it can be folded to save more than 80% storage space, improve warehousing performance, so that customers are tight With the trend of environmental protection and produce superposition of invisible economic benefits, It is a great help to customer success.
Uni-Packing's liquid  PAPER IBC, has obtained the national patent certification, is also actively applying for international patent certification, the level of liquid PAPER IBC packaging level in
the forefront of the industry.

At the same time, to meet the diverse needs of customers, Uni-Packing has a professional custom programs, according to customer requirements to develop specifications,
Uni-Packing's printing process is mature, providing exquisite printing for the box, is conducive to showcase corporate image, the most important, Uni-Packing's liquid
PAPER IBC packaging program, can help customers solve the environmental concerns, the pursuit of more High efficiency.
Dongguan Uni-Packing Heavy-Duty Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Constantly explore the customer's packaging experience, and constantly seeking truth seeking new,
choose Uni-Packing, choose the rest assured and efficient packaging services.