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Paper IBC___An innovative Package for Palm Oil&Coconut O
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Paper IBC in Palm Oil&Coconut Oil Industries

Date: 2018-08-01

      Palm and coconut plantations are widespread in Southeast Asia. Most oil is exported to overseas countries to meet their needs.
      The plantation owners used to utilize metal drums to transport the oil, but there come threeproblems.
      First, in normal temperature, palm oil and coconut oil will congeal into solid. How can they get the oil out of the drums?
      You may say heating pads are a good solution. But it is rare to find suitable heating pads for the round metal drums. It is hard to fix the pads on the drums.
      Second, the transportation fee is expensive and it hurt the benefit. Metal drum cannot be folded. To reuse the metal drums, the plantation owners needs to recall the drums from overseas countries.
      Third, now many countries have strciter regulations on environment protection. Metal drum is not environmentally freindly. So many coutries decline this type of package for imports.
      Therefore, the industry is urging to find out a solution to replace metal drum. Then Paper IBC responds to the call.
      Paper IBC is an innovative package. Uni-packing Paper IBC has been invented according to this industry's requirements. Now it gradually replaces the metal drums to become the major package for palm oil and coconut oil!
      We have perfect heating pad for Paper IBC(See the picture down below). Even though the palm oil will congeal into solid during the transportation, but it will convert to liquid again after heated. First problem solved!

     Second, uni-packing's Paper IBC is foldable. It can save a lot of space when transported back to original countries. In a 20'GP container, 100 Paper IBC can be put inside; in a 40'HQ, 255 sets. Unbelievable, right?
   The most important thing is Paper IBC is made of 100% paper! It can definitely be recycled. Custom clearance will be more easier because Paper IBC comply to the regulation.
     Paper IBC is definitely the best choice for packing palm oil and coconut oil. Who wants to save cost must try Paper IBC.
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