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1000L FDA Paper IBC for Liquid Packaging Boxes IBC Tank Pape
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Material:Paper                                                                                Paper Type:Corrugated Board
Industrial Use:Harmless Liquid                                                 Use:Wine liquid transportation
Feature:Recyclable                                                                       Printing Handling:Embossing, Varnishing, Other
Custom Order:Accept                                                                   Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Uni-packing                                                            Model Number:Customized IBC
Package:Square Paper IBC                                                        Shipping Packaging Carton:tri wall, double wall  
Shape: Octagonal/ Four-corner box                                            Application: wine, oil, juice, liquid, food
Material: triple wall corrugated cardboard                                Grade: food-grade, edible, high-strength
Operation: easy Foldable, Disposable                                    Usage: shipping boxes, transportation cartons
Capacity: 1000-1100 Liter                                                            Category: box, carton, IBC, Liquid Container


Product Description

PAPER IBC is a kind of packaging container composed of corrugated carton and PE liner which holds about 1,000 liters. It is environment friendly, recyclable, collapsible, fumigation-free, easy storage, convenient for transportation and costs relatively low. It can be customized according to customer's requirements. Compared with metal box, plastic box and wooden box, paper box can save about 20~25% in loading, 20~25% in transportation and about 80% in storage space cost. Paper IBC is suitable for liquid products such as concentrated fruit juice, red wine, tallow oil, lubricating oil, non-hazardous chemical products and other products packaging.


Easy to Set-up and Less Operation Handling
High Strength and Safe Storage Spaces
Environmentally Friendly and Zero Contamination
Low-cost compared to plasticI BC and drumforexport
Increase Loading Capacity
Zero Demur-rage Fees
Lower Labor Cost


A. Food product
Sugar syrup, concentrated juice, red wine, flat beer, animal oils, beer syrup concentrate, jam, glucose, malt glucose, malt extract, sauces vegetable oils, corn oil, olive oil, sorbitol, ect.
B. Industrial product/chemical
Lube oils,transformer oils,white oils, silicate binder, natural latex, synthetic latex, glue, glyco, base oils, detergents, glycerine, adhesive, emulsions, water based paints, hair shampoos, mineral oils, lanolin, tall oil fatty acid, pharmaceutical, ti-pure retile paper slurry, ect
C. Solid power
Paper IBC for Transporting Bulk Wine Paper IBC Container IBC Tote IBC Wine Tank
Paper IBC assembly and use instructions


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Paper IBC for Transporting Bulk Wine Paper IBC Container IBC Tote IBC Wine Tank
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Paper IBC for Transporting Bulk Wine Paper IBC Container IBC Tote IBC Wine Tank


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A: We are a manufacturer specialized in paper packaging, such as corrugated carton.
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Paper IBC assembly and use instructions